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European projects involving the Agency


Project Description Profile Status Start End
Projecte TRIVERS Implementing the Water Framework Directive to temporary rivers: tools for the assessment of their ecological status  pdf In process 2014 2018
Projecte LIFE Ebro ADMICLIM Adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change in the Ebro Delta  pdf In process 2014 2018
Projecte WatERP Water Enhanced Resources Planning  pdf In process 2012 2015
Projecte OptimEDAR Efficient Management of small and Medium Wastewater Treatment  pdf Finished 2012 2014
Projecte OPCC Observatori Pirinenc del Canvi Climàtic  pdf Finished 2011 2013
Projecte ENSAT Enhancement of Soil Aquifer Treatment  pdf Finished 2010 2012
Projecte SUD’EAU Gestió Local i Participativa de l `Aigua i dels rius del sud- oest Europeu  pdf Finished 2009 2014
Projecte IMPRINTS Improving Preparedness and Risk Management for flash floods and debris flow  pdf Finished 2009 2012