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For the purposes of hydrology and of its planning, the Catalan territory is divided into two areas: the internal basins area or river basin district of Catalonia, and the area of the Catalan part of shared and international basins. The hydrological planning of the river basin district of Catalonia, created in accordance with the Water Framework Directive, is the set of plans and programmes that establish the objectives to be reached in the ordainment and the management of the water resources and establish the measures and activities that must be carried out by the Catalan Water Agency to meet them. The hydrological planning instruments of the river basin district of Catalonia are set out below, and they are mostly run by the Catalan Water Agency.

The hydrological planning instruments of shared or international river basin districts that pass through part of the Catalan territory (Ebro International River Basin District, which includes the Garonne and Júcar River Basin Districts) are the following. The execution of these plans and programmes is mainly the responsibility of the corresponding Hydrographic Confederations, without prejudice to the responsibilities of the Generalitat in matters including the supply and sanitation.


Water Framework Directive (external link)
Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Board, of 22 October, establishing a community activity framework in the water policy area.
Flood Risk Directive  (external link)
Directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October, of the European Parliament and of the Board regarding flood risk assessment and management.