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Water and the environment

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The natural water cycle depends on a single source of supply: rain. If we consider that Catalonia has a Mediterranean climate and that topographically it is a terrain full of contrasts, this cycle becomes a very vulnerable system. Water is an indispensable resource for life, for the environment and for people. It is a scarce and fragile resource that is difficult to access and that requires distribution, treatment and management.

Catalonia is a country of topographic, meteorological and demographic contrasts

Catalonia, with an area of 31,896 km2, encompasses a great variety of landscapes, from the driest to the most humid, very diverse geological formations and a very distinct relief, with periods marked by a scarcity of water and others by abundance and heavy torrents. Furthermore, a great imbalance exists between the population and the availability of water resources, which are irregularly distributed.

Geomorphically, the hydrographic network of Catalonia is made up of the western area or intercommunity basins (Catalan Ebro), and the eastern area or internal basins, formed by the rivers that begin and end in Catalonia without flowing into any of the western-area riverbeds.

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Descontamination Flix reservoir

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