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Recovery and improvement of aquifers

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The Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC, WFD), establishes a new framework for water protection with the aim of achieving good chemical and quantitative status of bodies of groundwater, and, particularly, of protecting, improving and regenerating them, guaranteeing the gradual reduction of pollution and preventing new contamination. The environmental objectives set for groundwater by the Directive are:

Pollution episodes in Catalonia

  • Prevent or limit the input of pollutants into groundwater to prevent the deterioration of the status of all bodies of groundwater. 
  • Protect, enhance and restore all bodies of groundwater, ensure a balance between abstraction and recharge of groundwater with the aim of achieving good groundwater status.
  • Reverse any significant and sustained upward trend in the concentration of any pollutant resulting from the impact of human activity in order progressively to reduce pollution of groundwater.

Documents on decontamination episodes are structured in administrative files under the name ‘aquifer decontamination’. Each document summarises the technical aspects to be submitted in the various stages of Aquifer Decontamination Plan, in order to comply with water authority requirements at each stage of the restoration process.

Groundwater Decontamination Programme
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This page also contains all the technical documents relating to decontamination files  on aquifers contaminated by isolated point sources, from the documents to be submitted in compliance with Catalan Water Agency requirements to action protocols and technical guides on how to act.