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Commitment to the Ter

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The river Ter, at 208 kilometres in length and passing through the counties of Ripollès, Osona, Selva, Gironès and Baix Empordà, guarantees the supply and irrigation demands of the counties of Girona and also those of the metropolitan area of Barcelona (together with the river Llobregat).

Water management in Catalonia, in addition to meeting the needs of and enabling development of economic activities, must guarantee the good ecological condition of our rivers, in this case the Ter.

The current granting of the Ter Llobregat network supply service, in force since 1 January 2013, has determined for the first time that extractions from the Ter river towards the metropolitan area must not exceed 166hm3 / year and that, in drought situations, the derivation must not exceed 60hm3 / year. Furthermore, the obligation that the Ter river flow rate, when passing through Girona, must exceed 3m3 / s at all times, remains in force.

The purpose of this section of the Catalan Water Agency website is to indicate, with the utmost transparency, the extractions of the Ter river in order to guarantee the supply of water to the metropolitan area and compliance with the ecological flow rates of the river, as stipulated by law and set out in session 7 of the Ter-Llobregat System Commission on Dam Water Releases on 28 April 2015. Following on from this, data (not validated) is provided automatically every 5 minutes regarding the flow rate of the river Ter at three different points (Acequia Monar, Puente de la Barca and Pasteral I), in addition to the chart with data validated on a daily basis.