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The Monitoring and Control Programme (MCP) is the hydrological planning instrument that defines the mechanisms needed to obtain a coherent and complete overview of the conditions of the bodies of water of the Catalonia River Basin District. The results of this programme allow the other planning instruments to establish environmental objectives for each body of water and to foresee the necessary actions to ascertain this. All the types of bodies of water of the Catalonia River Basin District are analysed - rivers, dams, lakes, humid areas, estuaries, bays, coastal waters and groundwater - taking into account the structure and the operation of the aquatic ecosystems, as well as the physicochemical and hydromorphological parameters that condition them, in accordance with the criteria established in the Water Framework Directive.

Monitoring and Control Programmes must be carried out and reviewed every six years. In Catalonia, the Catalan Water Agency authored the first MCP with the criteria of the Water Framework Directive for the 2007-2012 period, and it was subsequently reviewed for the 2013 to 2018 period. Prior to this, there have also been networks to monitor and control conditions that were carried out via the Sanitation Board, and the Catalan Water Agency since its constitution in 2000, although these networks did not follow the same criteria as that currently established.



Documents derived from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive


Title Description

Categorization works and methodology design of the analysis of the ecological conditions in water systems

Analysis work on the characteristics of aquatic ecosystems of Catalonia for the design of ecological condition indicators according to the provisions of the WFD.

Protocols of assessment of the ecological conditions in continental surface water systems April

Protocols regarding the sampling, data processing and acquisition of biological and hydromorphological quality indicators of various water systems of Catalonia are available.
Protocol to assess the ecological and chemical conditions of coastal waters. February Procedures regarding the sampling, analysis, application of metrics and assessment of biological and physicochemical elements for the assessment of ecological conditions are available, as well as procedures for the assessment of the chemical conditions in coastal waters.