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Flood risk management

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1st cycle of flood risk management (2016-2021)

The purpose of flood risk management planning instruments in the Catalonia river basin district is to identify and assess the risk to people and to assets derived from floods in order to be able to manage said risk. These instruments are approved in compliance with Royal Decree 903/2010. The Flood Risk Management Plan in the Catalonia river basin district covers the measures that must be adopted by the various competent parties with regard to prevention, protection, preparation, recovery and review of the risk of flooding. The Programme of Measures of in the area of hydrology is the instrument that must be adopted by the Catalan Water Agency in order to manage this risk.

Once the public information period Plan flood risk management (PGRI) and the program of measures of the hydrological field (PMH); pending processing.



Flood Risk Directive  (external link)
Directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October, of the European Parliament and of the Board regarding flood risk assessment and management.
Royal Decree 903/2010 of 9 July  (external link)
Royal Decree of the assessment and management of flood risk.