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Water cannon bonuses

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The Catalan Water Agency has discounts on the water rate for domestic use, which can comprise savings this tax with regards to water bills. The extension of the water rate and social water rate bands, which can be jointly request upon fulfilment of the requirements; and another for efficient irrigation.

Extension of water rate bands: "larger amount of water at base prices".

The water rate is a water consumption tax that is calculated by bands; there is a progressive rate so that the more water that is consumed, the higher the price is paid for it. The extension of the water rate bands enables 3m³ per person per month, to be added to the water consumption limits of the 1st band, 2m³ per person per month for the 2nd band and 1m³ per person per month in the case of the 3rd band. This discount can be applied to coexistence units with 4 or more members and homes with people with a degree of disability over 75% which, that they count as two people. If you add them to the other members and they add four or more people may also apply for the extension (in this case the online processing can not be made because you need to attached  the application form certifying resolution degree of disability).


The social water rate: "we have reduced the price of the water rate from €0.4936 / m³ to €0.24 / m³".

The social water rate consists of the application of the special rate of the first water rate band, reduced by more than 50% of the usual value, provided that the consumption of the bill does not exceed the first water rate band. Assistance to guarantee the coverage of the basic water needs and to establish a value of the water rate adapted to situations of vulnerability of the poor community..


Irrigation: 50% saving for efficient irrigation.

Regarding water from proprietary sources (wells, mines, surface water, etc.) intended for irrigation, the efficient irrigation coefficient is applied. Further information (catalan). (enllaç extern)


Water cannon bonuses tramitations

Extension of the water rate bands (external link)
Discount for family units or homes with 4 or more members or with members with disabilities.
Social water rate (external link)
Discounts to help to reduce the water rate for groups most in need or in a vulnerable situation.